Report: Holistic packaging optimization can reduce packaging costs by up to 30%

In response to the evolving challenges facing the food and beverage (F&B) industry, Strategy&, part of the PwC Network, has released a comprehensive report titled “Mastering food and beverage packaging: How to achieve financial and sustainability goals through holistic packaging optimization.” This report provides a thorough examination of the pressing need for reevaluating packaging strategies within the F&B sector and offers practical solutions to address the current landscape.

In recent years, the F&B industry has encountered significant economic and geopolitical obstacles, including rising inflation, regulatory pressures, and shifting consumer preferences. Against this backdrop, packaging costs have surged, with materials such as glass and plastic experiencing notable price increases. Consequently, F&B companies are seeking ways to balance financial sustainability with environmental responsibility.

The report emphasizes the importance of holistic packaging optimization across the entire value chain. By strategically redesigning packaging and materials, companies can achieve substantial cost savings while reducing their environmental impact, including greenhouse gas emissions and plastic waste.

Drawing on extensive analysis of 20 leading F&B companies worldwide, the report provides insights into current sustainability efforts and regulatory frameworks influencing packaging strategies. It underscores the need for aligning sustainability targets with regulatory requirements while addressing internal and external pressures.

As part of an ongoing series on F&B packaging, this report marks a significant step towards transformative change within the industry. Subsequent deep dives will explore specific aspects of packaging optimization, offering actionable insights for companies committed to staying competitive in an increasingly complex market.

More information and to access the full report is available here.


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