Sigma Alimentos and Chunk Foods Forge Partnership to Bring Plant-Based Whole Cuts to LatAm

Better Balance, a division of Mexico’s Sigma Alimentos, a prominent player in the meat and dairy industry, is venturing into the plant-based arena through collaboration with New York-based startup Chunk Foods, known for its innovative approach to plant-based whole cuts.

This partnership follows Chunk Foods’ successful $7.5 million seed extension funding round led by Cheyenne Ventures, indicating investor confidence in Chunk’s vision and the potential of plant-based whole cuts as a viable alternative in the alternative protein category.

The collaboration aims to introduce a new line of co-branded plant-based whole-cut meats tailored specifically for Latin American consumers. This initiative signifies Chunk Foods’ expansion into a region where demand for high-quality plant-based proteins is increasing steadily.

Chunk Foods’ commitment to innovation and sustainability aligns with Better Balance’s mission to meet evolving consumer demands for taste, texture, and ingredient transparency. By leveraging Chunk’s products, Better Balance aims to broaden its product portfolio and reach a wider audience.

Founded in 2020, Chunk Foods has quickly gained traction in the plant-based protein landscape, offering a range of steak-like filets produced using solid-state fermentation technology. The company’s plans to develop plant-based alternatives across various protein sources underscore its commitment to culinary innovation.

With a total funding raise exceeding $24 million, Chunk Foods aims to solidify its position as a key player in the global plant-based whole cuts market. The collaboration with Better Balance represents a shared commitment to delivering high-quality, appealing products to consumers in Latin America and beyond.

As Amos Golan, founder and CEO of Chunk Foods, states, “Together with Better Balance, we aim to elevate the plant-based category with innovative, appealing products that cater to the tastes and lifestyles of Latin American consumers.” This partnership reflects the ongoing evolution of the plant-based protein sector and its increasing relevance in the broader food industry landscape.


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