Peruvian Veef Secures USD 280,000 in Initial Funding Round

Peruvian Veef, a plant-based meat company, has successfully raised $280,000 in its first funding round, backed by U.S.-based funds Ahimsa Capital and Sustainable Food Ventures. The company, led by industrial engineers Karina Zegarra and Linda Obregon, specializes in plant-based foods and aims to expand its presence in retail and restaurant chains, with plans to enter the Chilean market next year.

This funding round, announced on Tuesday, marks a significant milestone for Peruvian Veef. Ahimsa Capital, known for its investment in vegan egg producer Eat Just and lab-grown meat pioneer, has led this round. Sustainable Food Ventures, directed by noted investor Ryan Bethencourt, also participated, reinforcing the company’s potential in the alternative protein market. Linda Obregon, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Peruvian Veef, expressed satisfaction with the investment, highlighting the alignment between their vision and Ahimsa Capital’s expertise in the foodtech industry.

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Co-founder and CEO Karina Zegarra noted the alignment with Sustainable Food Ventures, appreciating the trust from Ryan Bethencourt. Their commitment to sustainable food systems resonates with Peruvian Veef’s goal of becoming the leading alternative protein company in Peru by 2024 and expanding throughout Latin America, including Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. The funding, secured on May 9, will be utilized to increase production capacity to serve retail and restaurant chains within Peru. Currently, Peruvian Veef’s products are available only in Lima stores.

The company’s immediate goal is to establish a strong foothold in the Peruvian market for plant-based meat, followed by an entry into Chile next year. They are working on obtaining the necessary permits, forming partnerships, and securing distributors for their entry into Chile. By the first quarter of 2026, Peruvian Veef plans to launch a seed investment round of $1 million to support expansion into Colombia and Mexico. Peruvian Veef offers a portfolio of 11 plant-based products, including alternatives to beef, chicken, sausages, and traditional Peruvian dishes such as anticucho and pollo parrillero.

In 2023, the startup was among the twenty winners of the ninth generation of StartupPerú, receiving an initial fund of PEN 150,000. Obregon mentioned that the company reached its break-even point last year and projects a revenue of USD 270,000 for this year, with an 11% profit margin. She emphasized the company’s focus on efficiency and profitability, ensuring quick product launches.


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