Ocean 14 Capital Fund I Closes at €201 Million to Propel Sustainable Blue Economy

Ocean 14 Capital Fund I has closed at €201 million, advancing its mission to fund sustainable solutions aimed at improving ocean health. The fund, dedicated exclusively to the blue economy, seeks to leverage ocean resources for both economic growth and preservation.

The recent closing, which occurred at the end of March, has attracted a diverse array of large institutional investors. Notable contributors include Nestlé, HQ Capital, and The Green Earth Impact Fund, managed by Schroders and BlueOrchard. This influx of capital positions Ocean 14 Capital Fund as the largest fund dedicated to the blue economy.

Guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water, Ocean 14 Capital Fund is committed to investing in innovative entrepreneurs and businesses. Its focus areas include aquaculture and alternative proteins, reducing plastic waste pollution, protecting ecosystems and marine flora, and combating overfishing. The blue economy, which is projected to be valued at $3 trillion by 2030 according to the OECD, is expected to create 40 million jobs. Ocean 14 Capital Fund aims to act as a catalyst, driving sustainable growth within this sector.

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The importance of the ocean in supporting life on Earth is paramount, providing half the oxygen we breathe, absorbing half the carbon, and feeding the world. Recognizing this, Ocean 14 Capital Fund aims to transform the blue economy to make it sustainable and regenerative, protecting and restoring ocean health. The fund’s leadership expressed their enthusiasm about collaborating with like-minded investors who share the desire to make a positive impact on global food security and marine ecosystems.

Despite current macro and geopolitical challenges, the fundraising for the Ocean 14 Capital Fund has been a success. The fund’s team expressed gratitude for the support of their diverse LP base and the trust placed in their strategy. The fund is poised to drive innovation and create significant impact by preserving and harnessing ocean resources, ensuring a more sustainable future.


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