Mars Launches USD 47 Million Sustainable Dairy Initiative

Mars, Inc. has unveiled an extensive sustainable dairy plan supported by a $47 million investment over three years. This initiative is part of the company’s larger $1 billion climate commitment over the same period.

The initiative, titled Moo’ving Dairy Forward, aims to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of dairy production, aligning with Mars’ goal to cut emissions by 50% by 2030. This effort is a critical component of Mars’ broader roadmap to achieve “net zero” emissions.

Mars will collaborate with industry leaders to implement several on-farm interventions, focusing on reducing enteric methane emissions, improving manure management, and promoting sustainable feed production. Central to this plan is the Mars-FrieslandCampina Sustainable Dairy Development Program, a collaboration with FrieslandCampina, one of the world’s largest dairy producers. This program will create dedicated farms for Mars’ dairy supply, serving as a testing ground for innovative practices and technologies aimed at enhancing sustainability.

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Amanda Davies, Chief R&D, Procurement and Sustainability Officer at Mars Snacking, emphasized the importance of collaboration with farmers and suppliers. “Our vision for more sustainable dairy will only become a reality with the support and actions of farmers and our suppliers. Through our Moo’ving Dairy Forward Sustainable Dairy Plan, we’re putting millions of dollars directly back into the pockets of farmers to help them make climate-smart changes to the way they farm,” said Davies.

In addition to this, Mars has launched three pilot “net zero” dairy farms in partnership with the DMK Group in Germany. These farms will explore and implement new scientific and technological solutions to create a scalable and economically viable pathway to net zero dairy production over a five-year project.

Mars is also a founding member of the Sustainable Dairy Partnership and is exploring innovative methane reduction technologies. The company is partnering with Fonterra and Sea Forest to investigate the potential of SEAFEED™, a seaweed-based food supplement, to reduce methane emissions from cows.

Currently, Mars’ dairy supply chain involves over 200,000 cows and 1,000 farms, contributing significantly to the company’s carbon footprint. Dairy production is the second largest contributor to the carbon footprint of Mars’ Snacking business, with raw ingredients accounting for over 70% of the company’s total greenhouse gas emissions.


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