INTA Leads Development of Argentina’s First Sustainable Production Pilot Site

The National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) is taking a prominent role in establishing Argentina’s inaugural Sustainable Production Pilot Site. Located at the Manfredi Experimental Station in Córdoba province, this collaborative initiative brings together researchers, AgTech companies, and farmers to enhance the sector’s competitiveness and sustainability.

The project aims to increase the adoption of emerging digital technologies within agriculture. By fostering scientific and technological dialogue between Argentina and Germany, the pilot site seeks to improve sustainable production indicators, data integration models, and the transition to smarter agricultural practices, with a focus on AgTech utilization.

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Carolina Sasal, coordinator of INTA’s National Natural Resources Program, underscores the site’s objective to increase production efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. It serves as a platform for generating training programs and solutions to enhance the sector’s competitiveness and sustainability.

The pilot site is designed to function as a ‘Living Lab,’ promoting innovation through the integration of public-private knowledge. This approach aims to achieve sustainable agriculture, mitigate environmental and climate impacts, and increase food production and quality.

A multidisciplinary team of over 30 professionals and technicians has been collaborating to establish the necessary technological tools, methodologies, and protocols for the pilot site. This includes data collection, sampling, equipment, and mapping efforts to create a comprehensive baseline.

The project’s future objectives include developing demonstrative models of sustainable production, integrating data and knowledge for decision-making in smart agriculture. By showcasing best practices, the initiative aims to secure funding for research and implementation, furthering the sector’s sustainable development.


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