Givaudan and UC Berkeley’s Study Unveils Key Strategies for Enhanced Efficiency in Alternative Protein

Givaudan, a global leader in flavor and fragrance creation, and the University of California Berkeley, have released their fifth annual collaborative research, unveiling transformative insights to boost efficiency in alternative protein production. The latest white paper, titled ’10 Alternative Protein Pathways: Opportunities for Greater Efficiency,’ presents a comprehensive overview of challenges and opportunities, offering practical steps for industry players to create appealing, nutritious, and cost-effective alternative protein products.

The research, conducted in partnership with the University of California Berkeley Product Development Program, emphasizes the significance of alternative proteins in reducing environmental impact and improving human health. The findings are aimed at guiding producers in creating products that are not only tasty and healthy but also environmentally sustainable.

The white paper looks into the challenges faced by the alternative protein industry, including supply chain issues, resource consumption, production scale-up, and competitive pricing. By addressing these hurdles, the research identifies ten clear and actionable pathways for alt-protein producers to enhance efficiency. This includes strategies for identifying optimal ingredient combinations, reducing resource consumption, and optimizing energy use to create alternative protein experiences that benefit both consumers and the planet.

Download the ’10 Alternative Protein Pathways’ white paper here, and access past research here.


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