Cibus Capital Raises $645 Million for Sustainable Food Investment Funds

Cibus Capital LLP, a leading investment advisory firm specializing in sustainable food and agriculture, has announced the successful closure of two significant investment funds. The firm has secured over USD 510 million in commitments for its second mid-market private equity fund, Cibus Fund II (CF II), and over USD 135 million in commitments for its second venture fund, Cibus Enterprise Fund II (CE II).

The fundraising efforts garnered support from a diverse range of investors, both returning and new participants. Notable investors in the funds include Los Angeles County Employee Retirement Association (LACERA) and Retail Employees Superannuation Trust (Rest), one of Australia’s largest profit-to-member superannuation funds, alongside other major institutional investors.

Leilani Weier, Head of Responsible Investment & Sustainability at Rest, expressed optimism about their investment in Cibus Fund II, stating, “Rest expects our investment in Cibus Fund II to deliver long-term value for our members while growing our exposure to companies at the forefront of sustainable agriculture practices.” Weier also highlighted the importance of such investments in achieving Rest’s target allocation to impact investments across its portfolio by 2026.

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Cibus Enterprise Fund II focuses on late-stage venture investments in innovative companies driving technologies with the potential to revolutionize food production or processing, thereby enhancing resource efficiency and sustainability. The fund has already deployed capital into ten investments spanning various sectors, including robotics, precision chemistry for crop protection, and natural capital.

Rob Appleby, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Cibus Capital, emphasized the pivotal role of farmers and landowners in the discourse surrounding food security and environmental conservation. He expressed gratitude to the firm’s supporters, both longstanding and new, for their contribution towards directing capital to companies dedicated to carbon reduction, biodiversity enhancement, and delivering compelling financial returns.

Alastair Cooper, Head of Venture at Cibus Capital, underscored the transformative potential of Agri-Food Technology in addressing critical challenges such as resource efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity conservation, and food security. Cooper expressed enthusiasm for the future prospects of deploying capital into innovative companies driving technological advancements within the food system.


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