Big Idea Ventures Announces First Close of New Protein Fund II, Strengthening Commitment to Alternative Protein Innovation

Big Idea Ventures, a prominent player in the food-tech investment landscape, has achieved a significant milestone with the first close of its New Protein Fund II (NPF II), building upon the success of its initial fund, New Protein Fund I (NPF I). This strategic move underscores the company’s dedication to supporting emerging alternative protein and ingredients startups worldwide, further solidifying its role as a leader in the global alternative protein technology sector.

The NPF II fund reached its initial closing phase in May, initiating a targeted fundraising effort to secure $75 million within the coming year. Noteworthy contributors to the fund’s first round include AAK, a specialized multi-oil ingredient house focused on plant-based oils and fats, as well as Bühler, a respected partner in the food processing industry. These established investors, along with others, are continuing their support after backing Big Idea Ventures’ inaugural fund.

Expanding Investment Horizons

Big Idea Ventures’ expansion into diversified enterprises centered on alternative ingredients and transformative food production marks a strategic shift. Concurrently, the company remains resolute in its commitment to its existing investment strategy, concentrating on fostering innovation in plant-based, cell-based, and fermentation-enabled alternative protein pioneers across the global landscape.

Founder Andrew D. Ive succinctly captures the organization’s mission, stating, “NPF I enabled us to collaborate with companies poised to lead the alternative protein domain. NPF II amplifies our ability to include visionary innovators with exceptional breakthroughs in our portfolio. Our goal is to address significant global challenges by supporting exceptional entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers.”

Noteworthy Achievements and Portfolio Companies

Big Idea Ventures, an early pioneer in advancing the development and expansion of alternative protein companies, has quickly risen to prominence within the foodtech investment sector. Notable successes within NPF’s diverse portfolio include Gourmey, a French startup that secured €48 million in Series A funding—an impressive accomplishment achieved last year. Another notable venture is Black Sheep Foods, which secured $12.3 million in Series A funding.

Investment Strategy and Future Outlook

New Protein Fund II will continue its global reach by directing early-stage investments through its accelerator program and direct investments. The five-month accelerator program, conducted across Big Idea Ventures’ offices in Paris, Singapore, and New York, offers a platform for startups to navigate scaling challenges. Comprising internal and external experts, corporate investors, and a comprehensive mentor network, the program provides essential support for startups seeking expansion.

Andrew D. Ive elaborates on the organization’s comprehensive approach, stating, “Our journey has involved close engagement with a diverse array of portfolio companies. From innovative plant-based proteins to sustainable cultured oysters, as well as inventive seaweed and mycelium-based products, we have witnessed the maturation of exceptional product lines. As we move forward, our focus remains on catalyzing transformative technologies for the industry. Through NPF II, we anticipate accelerating progress with investments in pioneering areas such as molecular farming, precision-fermentation, AI-driven software and hardware, and more.”

With this recent milestone, Big Idea Ventures increases its assets under management to over $100 million, underscoring its significant role at the forefront of innovation within the alternative protein sector.


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