Uruguay’s Order-Eat Closes a $500K Financing Round

Uruguayan startup Order-Eat has recently secured an investment of $500,000. The company, founded in 2019 by Matías Craviotto, Luis Pedro Carrero, and Juan Manuel Rodríguez, looks to revolutionize the management of school and college cafeterias, providing efficient solutions to longstanding challenges in the sector.

This injection of capital marks a key milestone for Order-Eat, enabling the company to consolidate its presence in the Mexican market. Following a successful venture into Mexico last year, facilitated by a $300,000 investment and the relocation of two of its founders, the startup is poised for further expansion in the region.

The genesis of Order-Eat stemmed from the founders’ personal experience of dissatisfaction with their school cafeteria service. Originating in Uruguay, the venture gradually expanded its footprint to Argentina before setting its sights on the lucrative Mexican market. CEO Matías Craviotto emphasizes the company’s commitment to addressing the inefficiencies prevalent in cafeteria management through digitalization.

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Central to Order-Eat’s success is its digital platform, which streamlines operations for cafeterias and provides parents with unprecedented control over their children’s dietary habits and expenses. By facilitating cashless transactions, reducing wait times, and minimizing food wastage, the platform has garnered traction among educational institutions across Uruguay, Argentina, and Mexico.

The recent investment round, led by both existing and new partners, underscores the confidence in Order-Eat’s potential for growth and innovation. Notable additions to their roster of investors include industry veterans with expertise in artificial intelligence, payment gateways, fintech, and cybersecurity, signaling a strategic alignment with the company’s vision for the future.


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