Traive Secures $20 Million, Led by Banco do Brasil

Banco do Brasil led the investment of USD 20 million in Traive, a company specializing in AI-driven risk analysis solutions tailored for the agricultural sector, through the BB Impacto ASG I Fund managed by Vox Capital.

The infusion of funds from Banco do Brasil underscores a commitment to advancing technological frontiers in the agricultural domain. Rather than merely focusing on traditional lending practices, the investment aims to catalyze the development and implementation of Traive’s pioneering credit trading platform. This platform, underpinned by sophisticated AI algorithms, promises to revolutionize the interface between the agricultural supply chain and capital markets.

Traive’s proprietary AI system boasts the capability to assess over 2,500 data points, thereby offering a nuanced risk profile analysis tailored to the intricacies of the agricultural business sector. This approach, subjected to rigorous evaluation by a technical panel from the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), represents a significant departure from conventional financial system practices, signaling a paradigm shift in risk assessment methodologies.

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Fabricio Pezente, CEO of Traive, underscored the multifaceted benefits of Banco do Brasil’s investment. Beyond facilitating technological enhancements and operational expansions, the infusion of capital positions Traive to explore new markets, thereby mitigating risk and fostering diversification. Founded in 2017 with headquarters in the United States, Traive’s expansion into Brazil and beyond underscores its ambition to emerge as a global leader in AI-driven risk analysis solutions.

Rodrigo Vasconcelos, Banco do Brasil’s Director of Digital Business, articulated the transformative potential of Traive’s automation and credit risk intelligence solutions. By leveraging Traive’s innovative technologies, Banco do Brasil anticipates streamlining its digital transformation efforts, thereby enhancing product offerings and services tailored to the agricultural sector. Vasconcelos emphasized the investment’s overarching objective of driving efficiency and catalyzing positive impacts across the agricultural credit granting process, thereby empowering the bank’s clients to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.


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