Tall Grass Ventures Closes Inaugural Fund, Securing $32 Million for Agri-Food Innovation

Calgary-based Tall Grass Ventures (TGV) has successfully concluded its inaugural funding round, amassing a total of $32 million CAD. The fund, aimed at bolstering early-stage AgTech and foodtech startups across Canada and beyond, surpassed initial targets due to robust investor interest.

Key investors in Fund I include Manitoba First Fund and Farm Credit Canada, alongside undisclosed contributions from prominent stakeholders spanning grain and livestock producers, livestock feeders, commodity brokers, financial services, private equity, and technology sectors. This diversified support underscores TGV’s strategic focus on enhancing innovation throughout the agricultural supply chain.

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Founded in 2022 by Wilson Acton, a former AgTech entrepreneur, and Chris Edwards, an experienced energy sector investor, TGV stands out within Canada’s venture capital landscape for its exclusive dedication to agricultural and food technologies. Acton emphasized the scarcity of firms worldwide singularly committed to this sector, highlighting TGV’s advantage in deeply understanding industry intricacies and acceleration mechanisms.

TGV’s investment strategy encompasses a broad spectrum, from gene editing and biological solutions to software and hardware innovations tailored for specialty crops, plant-tissue sampling, and grain grading. With a portfolio already comprising 11 companies, TGV’s active investments reflect its mission to tackle critical challenges in global agriculture, including climate resilience and sustainable food production.

The firm’s commitment extends beyond financial backing; it champions a value-driven approach that emphasizes holistic company development over mere financial returns. This philosophy resonates with its diverse investor base, which not only seeks profitable outcomes but also promotes resilience and innovation within Canada’s vital agricultural sector.


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