Six Startups Selected for Final Cycle of Sustainable Soy Program in the Cerrado

Six startups have been selected to participate in the sixth and final cycle of the Sustainable Soy Program in the Cerrado (Brazil), a collaborative initiative between PwC Agtech Innovation, the Land Innovation Fund, and strategic partners including Cargill, CPQD, Embrapa, and Embrapii.

The selected startups – Biotecland, BioUs, ByMyCell, Cyan, Reforest Latam, and Verde Novo – offer innovative solutions aimed at addressing key challenges in sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation within the Cerrado biome.

These startups will receive financial support of up to US$50,000 each through the Startup Finance Facility, as well as technical-scientific support from a team of researchers selected for the Cerrado Fellowship. Additionally, they will have direct engagement with rural landowners participating in the For Farmers Program.

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The solutions proposed by these startups encompass a range of areas including climate sensing, soil recovery, ecological restoration, biotechnology, and bioinputs. These solutions not only aim to enhance productivity in agricultural areas but also contribute to the preservation of the native vegetation of the Cerrado biome.

The Sustainable Soy Program in the Cerrado seeks to foster the creation, development, and delivery of innovative solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of the Cerrado biome, which has faced significant challenges including a 43% increase in deforestation rates in 2023.

Through partnerships with organizations such as Cargill, Embrapa, Embrapii, and CPQD, the program provides startups with access to market validation, expert support, and opportunities for collaboration with research institutions and agricultural communities.

Since its inception in March 2021, the program has received over 320 applications from across Brazil, with 34 startups selected across its six cycles. These startups have demonstrated the potential to address critical issues in agriculture and environmental sustainability, with significant financial and technical support provided for their development and implementation.

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