Singapore Clears Path for Cultivated Quail: Vow’s Innovative Protein Approved

The recent approval granted to Australian alternative protein firm Vow by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to sell cultivated quail marks a significant step forward in the alternative protein industry. Vow’s Forged Parfait, part of its cultured meat brand Forged, has garnered attention for its unique flavor profile and innovative production process.

During a media tasting event at the Mandala Club’s Mori restaurant on April 3, the Forged Parfait was showcased alongside a selection of dishes, offering consumers a glimpse into the potential of cultivated meats. Resembling a creamy liver pate, the parfait boasts a rich umami flavor with subtle gamey undertones, setting it apart from conventional meat options.

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George Peppou, co-founder and chief executive of Vow, highlighted the company’s commitment to creating products that offer a distinctive culinary experience. By leveraging advanced technology and meticulous research, Vow has succeeded in producing cultivated quail that captures the essence of this unique protein source.

The approval from the SFA allows Vow the flexibility to explore various quail-derived food products without additional regulatory hurdles, signaling opportunities for further innovation in the industry. Peppou hinted at potential collaborations with other restaurants in Singapore, indicating a growing interest in cultivated quail as a versatile ingredient.

Despite challenges facing the global cultivated meat industry, including cost pressures and regulatory complexities, Vow remains optimistic about its future prospects. With a focus on sustainable consumption and innovative food production methods, Vow has attracted significant investment and attention, reflecting its commitment to driving positive change in the food industry.

Notably, Vow gained recognition for its groundbreaking “mammoth meatball,” showcasing the potential of science to revive extinct species and promote sustainable consumption practices. This achievement underscores Vow’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the alternative protein landscape.

(Image: Vow)


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