Sadot Group Inc. Expands Global Operations with Launch of Sadot Brazil

Sadot Group Inc. (NASDAQ:SDOT), a leading global agricultural-commodity supply chain company, has officially executed an agreement with Flavio de Campos and Paulo de Sa, two experienced professionals in the field, to initiate operations and management of Sadot Brasil Ltda., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sadot LLC.

The newly established Sadot Brasil Ltda. is set to focus on sourcing and exporting a range of grains, including soybean, soybean meal, wheat, and corn. This strategic expansion is anticipated to bring forth numerous advantages for Sadot LLC, as it aims to consolidate its position as a prominent international agri-foods company operating in key grain-producing regions globally. Simultaneously, Sadot Group Inc. is continuing its growth trajectory across various verticals of the global food and feed supply chain, encompassing farming, sustainability, and the trading and shipping of agri-commodities.

Michael Roper, the CEO of Sadot Group Inc., expressed confidence in the agreement, stating, “We believe that the initiation of operations for Sadot Brasil Ltda. establishes a robust presence in one of the world’s most crucial grain-producing regions. This move is poised to expand our global presence and enable us to establish a significant presence in the thriving Brazilian market. We are eager to collaborate with Flavio, Paulo, and the entire Brazilian team with the shared objective of propelling Sadot Group to new and exciting heights.”

Sadot Group Inc. has rapidly emerged as a key player in the global food supply chain, offering innovative and sustainable solutions to address the growing challenges of food security worldwide. Operating in both farming and trading verticals of the global agri-food supply chain, Sadot Group connects producers and consumers across the globe. The company sources agri-commodity products from key geographies, such as the Americas, Africa, and the Black Sea, delivering to markets in Southeast Asia, China, and the Middle East/North Africa region.

Headquartered in Ft. Worth, Texas, Sadot Group Inc. has subsidiary operations in Miami, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Kyiv, and Zambia.

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