Peru’s MegaBite and NY’s Hungry House Merge to Form BiteLabs

In a move set to reshape the landscape of fast casual dining, Peru’s MegaBite and New York-based Hungry House have announced their merger, giving birth to BiteLabs, a formidable entity set to revolutionize the culinary scene. The merger brings together two distinct yet complementary forces, creating a multi-brand platform spanning across three countries: the USA, Mexico, and Peru.

With a combined annual revenue exceeding $6 million, BiteLabs emerges as an international powerhouse with 13 locations strategically positioned across the Americas. The collaboration is poised to intensify growth efforts across various verticals, including in-store retail, first-party delivery, and third-party delivery partnerships with industry giants like UberEATS, GrubHub, DoorDash, and Rappi in Latin America.

Pedro Neira, CEO of MegaBite and now BiteLabs, expressed his optimism about the merger, stating, “We believe that Hungry House and MegaBite, operating together, have the potential to be the most innovative, tech-enabled, multi-brand fast-casual restaurant group across the Americas.” Emphasizing their commitment to maintaining high standards of food quality and hospitality, Neira underscored the joint entity’s focus on delivering diverse culinary experiences tailored to today’s discerning diners.

From left: Co-Founder and COO Andrew Corrigan, Co-Founder and CEO Pedro Neira, and Co-Founder and Head of Growth Solamon Cruz Estin.

Contrary to the ghost kitchen model, BiteLabs aims to offer a retail-forward approach akin to industry leaders like Sweetgreen and Shake Shack. Neira clarified, “Our business model mirrors more that of Sweetgreen, CAVA, and Shake Shack. The only difference is that we are serving multiple brands in our locations and not just one.”

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The merger not only capitalizes on the strengths of each entity but also presents opportunities for expansion. Hungry House brings expertise in business-to-business catering services, while MegaBite offers proficiency in data-driven food delivery optimization across multiple sales channels. Neira highlighted the synergies within BiteLabs’ leadership, comprising seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds spanning entrepreneurship, culinary operations, and tech.

Andrew Corrigan, Co-Founder and now COO of BiteLabs, brings a wealth of experience from his tenure at fast-casual leader DIG and various fine dining establishments across New York City. Solamon Cruz Estin, Co-Founder and Head of Growth, leverages his extensive background in scaling tech companies across Latin America, including his role at UberEATS.

The merger comes at a pivotal moment in the fast casual segment, with BiteLabs positioned to capitalize on the industry’s growth trajectory. The company’s expansion plans align with the evolving preferences of consumers, offering tech-enabled, multi-brand dining experiences both in-store and through digital channels.


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