PecSmart Secures Funding on EqSeed

Brazilian agtech startup, PecSmart, successfully completed a recent funding round of approximately USD 165,000 (or R$835,000) on the EqSeed platform.

Utilizing IoT and artificial intelligence, PecSmart specializes in real-time data extraction and monitoring, offering cutting-edge solutions that address critical challenges within the industry. With this latest investment, PecSmart is poised to further enhance its sales channels and expand bulk monitoring capabilities in key markets across the Midwest, South, and Southeast regions of Brazil.

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Diego Kurtz, CEO of PecSmart, emphasizes the company’s commitment to leveraging artificial intelligence for data monitoring and streamlining decision-making processes. “Our focus post-round will be on investing in advanced AI technologies to drive data analysis and predictive modeling, empowering our clients with actionable insights,” he states.

PecSmart’s solutions, including SmartMic for disease detection in pigs, Smartfeed for feed silo monitoring, and SmartCam for farm image analysis, highlight the company’s dedication to revolutionizing various aspects of agribusiness operations. These innovations not only enhance productivity but also contribute to the early detection of diseases and the optimization of production processes.

(Image: PecSmart)


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