OXXO and GoodMeal Partner to Combat Food Waste

Starting in June 2024, OXXO Chile and GoodMeal will collaborate to offer discounted “fast food” items nearing their expiration dates, aiming to reduce food waste and enhance sustainability efforts. This initiative will be available through GoodMeal’s platform, which enables users to purchase surplus food at reduced prices.

The pilot phase will involve ten OXXO stores, expanding to 50 by December 2024. The available items will include prepared meals, muffins, salads, and various types of sandwiches. The partnership aims to improve efficiency in OXXO’s business operations while reducing its carbon footprint. “Our goal is to progressively add more stores, aiming for 50 operational stores on the platform by the end of the year,” stated Erick Quirarte, General Manager of OXXO Chile.

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GoodMeal, co-founded by Rodrigo Haydar, has established partnerships with 2,500 brands and has a user base of one million across 14 regions. The app users can save up to 70% on food from partners including Unimarc, Walmart Chile, and Accor hotels. The company has raised $1.4 million in funding from Start-Up Chile and Broota. Each transaction on the platform earns GoodMeal a 20-25% commission.

This partnership with OXXO is a strategic move to extend GoodMeal’s reach and impact. Rodrigo Haydar emphasized the importance of such collaborations for potential regional expansion and the significant impact on convenience stores. “Through OXXO, we can reach more locations, allowing more people to access these perfectly good products at reduced prices, thereby positively impacting the environment by rescuing this food,” said Haydar.

OXXO’s Erick Quirarte highlighted the importance of addressing food waste in the distribution and retail process. “Food waste during distribution, sale, and consumption challenges us as an industry to be more efficient not only by adjusting our processes to control waste but also by promoting responsible consumption habits. This agreement is an effective way to raise awareness and offer products at convenient prices.”

GoodMeal’s ongoing efforts include launching a new wine category, featuring discounted wines with imperfect labels from Viña Emiliana and other wineries. The initiative underscores the company’s commitment to reducing waste and offering value to consumers. By January 2025, GoodMeal plans to expand its services to all 370 OXXO stores nationwide.


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