Mexican Startup Crezes Secures USD 750K to Enhance Demographic Intelligence

Mexican startup Crezes recently completed a pre-seed funding round, raising $750,000. The company, which specializes in demographic intelligence, provides detailed location-specific data that aids businesses in understanding the interplay between individuals and their environments.

This new funding will enable Crezes to enhance its data-driven decision-making tools for businesses, especially in sectors such as real estate, construction, and of course retail, including restaurants, grocery and other food stores. The investment was led by Maya Capital, a venture capital firm based in Brazil, co-founded by Lara Lemann and Monica Saggioro.

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The involvement of Maya Capital highlights the confidence investors have in Crezes’ ability to innovate within the demographic intelligence space. Additional participants in the funding round included Sebastián Monroy of Zubale, Stiven Rodriguez of Heru, Miguel Ocampo of Ozon, and Andrés Villaquirán, a seasoned entrepreneur known for his ventures in Silicon Valley and Latin America.

Crezes leverages artificial intelligence to analyze a variety of metrics, such as pedestrian and vehicular traffic, visitation patterns, dwell times, demographic profiles, local business activity, and key traffic generators. This allows the company to provide businesses with precise and current data, enabling well-informed strategic decisions.

Santiago Moreno, co-founder of Crezes, emphasized the importance of reliable data for business growth, particularly when considering new locations for sales outlets. He highlighted that the data provided by Crezes allows companies to make decisions based on solid evidence rather than mere intuition.

(image: Raul Varela / Unsplash)


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