Lodo Announces Semifinalists for Agtech Startup Competition

Lodo, in collaboration with SITEVINITECH, has announced the 12 semifinalists for its Agtech Startup Competition, which aims to boost technology-based agricultural startups from across Latin America. The competition offers young entrepreneurs a platform to elevate their innovative projects and gain international exposure.

The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to travel to Bordeaux, France, to participate in the Vinitech-Sifel event from November 24-28, 2024. They will showcase their innovation at the HUBS innovation area and compete for the fair’s innovation award. The Vinitech-Sifel event is a key gathering for the European agricultural sector, particularly in viticulture, arboriculture, brewing, and horticulture. It brings together exhibitors, business leaders, and experts from around the world to highlight the latest technologies and promote global competitiveness.

In addition to this exposure, the winning startup will receive a four-year valid passport for the European Community and will join the WOFA innovation mission, engaging with leading figures in Argentina’s viticulture industry.

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The 12 semifinalists selected for this year’s competition are:

  1. Nat4Bio: Focuses on developing nature-inspired solutions to preserve fresh produce in global supply chains, using advanced biological formulations to reduce reliance on plastic derivatives and synthetic pesticides.
  2. Puma: Founded by Maria Ines di Napoli and Tobias de Marco, this startup accelerates the transition to regenerative agriculture and livestock systems, promoting sustainable business by connecting the entire agro-industrial value chain for environmental impact monitoring and verification.
  3. M4Life: A biotechnology startup that has created a platform to enhance productivity and sustainability in the agro-industry, addressing issues such as water stress, climate change consequences, and soil degradation and salinization.
  4. APOLO Biotech: Founded by Matias Badano and Federico Ariel, this company develops RNA-based technologies to increase productivity and preserve local varieties, offering GMO-free solutions.
  5. Biotango: Specializes in agro-biotechnology, creating genomics and AI-based solutions to tackle inefficiencies in fruit production, reducing waste.
  6. Ecolysium: Innovates in crop production with a new generation of biologicals combining microbiology and biogenic selenium nanoparticles, providing non-toxic alternatives that enhance crop yields and food quality while protecting the environment and human health.
  7. WEIA: A Colombian startup focusing on working capital financing for supply chain improvement, enabling food suppliers to acquire agro-inputs at planting time and pay after harvest.
  8. Nano Cuántica: A Colombian leader in nano biotechnology, developing plant-based nanoparticles with potential applications in agriculture, medicine, food, and environmental and industrial bioremediation.
  9. EcoAgsus: Provides a comprehensive approach to visualize project territories, integrating productivity, environment, and society for ecosystem sustainability.
  10. ReviD: Develops biomaterials and biotextiles from wine industry waste, utilizing grape pomace to reduce waste generation and create valuable byproducts.
  11. Canopilogger: Offers agro-climatic services for climate-smart agriculture, providing traceability and expert agrometeorological and sustainability guidance to help clients make informed decisions.
  12. Lumi Agro: Supplies UVC equipment to combat grapevine diseases.

These semifinalists will compete for the chance to advance to the final stage of the competition and secure the grand prize, promoting innovation and sustainability in the agricultural sector.


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