KMC Unveils New 5,000-Square-Meter Innovation Center to Expand Plant-Based Food Solutions

KMC has officially launched its new Innovation Center, a state-of-the-art facility spanning 5,000 square meters and representing an investment of DKK 100 million. This expansion doubles the company’s innovation capacity, reinforcing its global leadership in potato-based ingredients.

Following a successful year with record sales of DKK 3.4 billion in 2023, KMC remains bullish on the future of plant-based solutions within the food industry. The Innovation Center plays a crucial role in this vision, positioning Denmark as a hub for bio-solutions and the production of next-generation plant-based foods.

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“The rapid growth of the plant-based agenda necessitates sustainable solutions, and KMC is poised to meet these demands,” stated Jesper Burgaard, CEO of KMC. “Our new Innovation Center is pivotal to advancing our capabilities in this sector.”

With a presence in over 90 countries, KMC aims to utilize its expanded facility to collaborate closely with customers in cutting-edge environments. This initiative will enable KMC specialists to provide expert guidance on incorporating their potato-derived starch, fibers, and proteins into various food applications, including noodles, bread, snacks, and plant-based alternatives like cheeses and dressings.

Emphasizing their commitment to sustainability, Burgaard added, “Potatoes offer a low climate footprint and high caloric yield per hectare, aligning perfectly with our efforts to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions through Danish innovations.”

Beyond its physical expansion, the new center will integrate KMC’s development department, fostering enhanced knowledge sharing and the recruitment of additional experts to cater to growing demands for specialized potato-based solutions.

Founded as a cooperative owned by Danish starch-potato farmers, KMC boasts a legacy of over 90 years in developing and producing potato-based ingredients for global markets, serving more than 80 countries.


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