GHT4 Acquires Livestock Monitoring Company Spacevis

GHT4, a multifamily office co-founded by Laércio Cosentino of Totvs, has acquired Spacevis (Cattlevis), an agtech specializing in smart livestock monitoring. The deal’s specifics remain undisclosed, and the move aligns with GHT4’s strategy of integrating proprietary solutions for data analysis and financial investment.

Spacevis’s smart tag, unveiled at ExpoLondrina, has already seen impressive uptake, with 180,000 units sold in its first month, generating R$15 million in revenue. This discreet tag, housed in earrings on the animals’ ears, employs GPS and sensors for real-time monitoring of vital signs, activity, and location.

CEO Guilherme Canavese emphasizes the tag’s role in ensuring traceability and averting risks like encroachment into protected areas. Its alert system swiftly notifies owners of anomalies, from health issues to potential threats like snake bites, enhancing livestock welfare.

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With Brazil’s vast livestock population exceeding 200 million, Spacevis eyes a market potential of R$800 billion. It aims to deliver 50,000 devices in its initial months, with a target of selling 1 million units by 2025. Beyond farmers, potential clients include slaughterhouses and companies in genetics, nutrition, and animal health.

Spacevis explores innovative applications like tokenization, envisioning tracked animals as digital assets for credit guarantees. Collaborations with financial institutions, including talks to launch a Rural Product Certificate backed by cattle, signal its ambition to revolutionize market paradigms.


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