Cromai, B4 Waste & PhageLab Wins South Summit Brazil 2024 Startup Competition

In a gathering that celebrated innovation and entrepreneurship, Cromai, a Brazilian agtech startup, stood out as the ultimate victor at the South Summit Brazil 2024 startup competition. The event, which unfolded in Porto Alegre over the course of the past week, culminated in Cromai’s recognition as the primary highlight, with CEO and co-founder Guilherme Castro receiving the esteemed award.

Cromai distinguishes itself as a technology company harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to discern patterns within images. This capability enables Cromai to furnish diagnoses that serve as a cornerstone for informed agronomic and industrial decisions, empowering stakeholders within the agricultural sector.

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Alongside Cromai, notable mentions were awarded to other pioneering startups in the agrifood space. B4 Waste, also from Brazil, received accolades for its endeavors in combating food waste, earning the prestigious Most Sustainable Award. Additionally, PhageLab, an animal health startup representing Chile, garnered recognition for its exceptional team under the Best Team category.

The competition attracted an impressive array of contenders, with over 2,000 startups from 80 different countries vying for recognition. Following a rigorous selection process, 50 startups earned the opportunity to showcase their innovations before a panel of seasoned experts during the initial two days of the event. From this cohort, 10 finalists emerged, each poised to contend for recognition across distinct categories, including Highlight awards, More Scalable, More Innovative, More Sustainable, and Better Team.


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