Cotierra Secures Funding for Innovative Carbon Removal and AgTech Solutions

Cotierra, a Swiss-Colombian startup, announced in March their close of a USD 1 million funding round from environmental and climate-focused investors. The investment will drive Cotierra’s efforts in decentralized biochar production, targeting carbon removal and emission reduction in Colombia’s agricultural sector.

Biochar, derived from biomass, offers a dual solution by sequestering carbon and enhancing soil health. With agriculture contributing 23% of global greenhouse gas emissions, Cotierra’s focus on sustainable practices is timely.

Colombia’s coffee industry serves as Cotierra’s initial target, given its significant footprint and the urgent need for sustainable practices. By converting coffee tree residues into biochar, Cotierra aims to sequester carbon while boosting soil fertility and farm productivity.

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What sets Cotierra apart is its decentralized approach, empowering smallholder farmers to produce biochar on-site or nearby. This strategy minimizes logistical challenges and maximizes efficiency.

The funding will accelerate Cotierra’s technology development and deployment in Colombia, with agronomy studies validating emission reduction benefits and economic viability.

Investors backing Cotierra include Carbon Removal Partners, Climate Founders, and others, underscoring biochar’s recognition as a viable climate solution.

Thomas Käslin, CEO of Cotierra, expressed gratitude for the support, emphasizing the company’s commitment to tangible benefits for farmers and the environment.


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