Costa Rica’s ClearLeaf announces successful trial in rice pathogen control

ClearLeaf, a Costa Rican agricultural company specializing in developing non-toxic solutions for crop protection, has announced significant success with its product, GotaBlanca 500, in combatting various pathogens affecting rice production.

In a recent commercial trial spanning 7 hectares (17 acres) on a major Panamanian farm, GotaBlanca 500 demonstrated remarkable efficacy in controlling both bacterial and fungal diseases prevalent in rice cultivation. These diseases, including bacterial leaf blight, Burkholderia, Sarocladium, and Pyricularia, are notorious for causing lesions that adversely impact yield and harvest quality.

Ramón David Izos-Delgado, National Sales Coordinator for Colono Panama, the distributor of ClearLeaf’s products, expressed satisfaction with GotaBlanca’s performance in the field. He noted that the product’s efficacy enabled farmers to replace multiple existing products, thereby streamlining disease management practices and reducing costs. Additionally, the environmentally friendly nature of GotaBlanca resonated with producers, prompting its adoption in the management plans of several key farms for the upcoming year.

Izos-Delgado emphasized the significance of GotaBlanca 500 as a compelling alternative for rice producers striving to minimize reliance on toxic pesticides to meet market demands. The product’s approval in Panama in 2023 marked a pivotal moment for the agricultural sector, providing a much-needed solution for effective and economically viable disease management strategies.

Dr. Agustin Büchert, Chief Science Officer at ClearLeaf, underscored the positive outcomes observed during the trial, noting improvements in plant vigor and robust pathogen control. GotaBlanca’s dual benefits of enhancing yields and safeguarding harvests while reducing dependence on harsh chemicals align with the company’s commitment to sustainable agriculture.

The non-toxic, broad-spectrum attributes of GotaBlanca 500 make it a safe and reliable choice for protecting crops throughout their growth cycle and post-harvest. Unlike conventional pesticides, GotaBlanca does not disrupt plant metabolism or photosynthesis, promoting healthier plant growth and sustainable agricultural practices.


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