Chile’s Live Green Co. Announces New Developments: Breast Milk Fat & Gut Health Postbiotic

The Live Green Co announced new developments in infant nutrition and gut health categories through innovative applications of AI and precision fermentation technology. Founded in Chile and now operating across multiple countries including the US, Singapore, and India, the company’s latest developments, GreenTAGs and GutRevyv, mark a milestone in its journey towards clean, sustainable solutions for wellbeing.

GreenTAGs, a human breast milk lipid, is a breakthrough in infant nutrition. Recognizing the critical role of human milk fat in providing essential nutrients for infant development, The Live Green Co employs precision fermentation to produce Oleic-Palmitic-Oleic (OPO), the main triacylglycerol (TAG) found in breast milk. This innovation addresses the limitations of traditional infant formulas by closely mimicking the composition of human milk fats, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption and supporting overall infant health.

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With a focus on scalability and commercial viability, the company’s engineering techniques enhance the production of GreenTAGs, ensuring both quality and quantity. By leveraging genetic modifications and preventing degradation of the fats, The Live Green Co ensures a reliable and sustainable source of essential nutrients for infants, bridging the gap between breastfed and formula-fed infants.

The company is also innovating in gut health with its patent-pending GutRevyv ingredient. Unlike many companies focusing on prebiotics, The Live Green Co is disrupting the postbiotic landscape, offering a safer, more standardized approach to promoting gut wellness. By harnessing precision fermentation, the company produces postbiotic strains capable of synthesizing a diverse array of metabolites crucial for gut health, including GABA, lactate, and short-chain fatty acids. The versatility of GutRevyv opens doors to a wide range of food and beverage applications, from energy bars to nutraceuticals, offering stability in various environmental conditions and extending shelf life.


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