Carozzi Launches Corporate Venture Capital Division

Carozzi, a leading food company headquartered in Chile, is launching a new corporate venture capital (CVC) division. This strategic move aims to invest in and support early-stage technology firms. To spearhead this initiative, Carozzi has appointed Gerardo Zañartu, the former manager of ABC Ventures, the CVC arm of Abcdin. Zañartu joined Carozzi in May 2024.

Zañartu’s announcement on LinkedIn earlier this week highlighted the significance of Carozzi’s new venture for the entrepreneurial ecosystem. “The decision by one of the region’s leading food companies to support startups will undoubtedly mark a turning point for the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We still have some details to finalize before the official launch, but consider Carozzi (and myself) as potential allies for scaling your ventures that present synergies with us,” Zañartu wrote.

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Carozzi, established in 1898, is one of the largest food companies in Latin America, producing a wide range of products including pasta, sauces, cookies, and chocolates. With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, Carozzi continues to expand its presence and influence in the global food industry.

With this new division, Carozzi aims to strengthen its innovation efforts within the food industry, leveraging its resources and expertise to support promising startups.


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