Brazil’s Smartbreeder Secures USD 3 Million Investment to Enhance Agricultural AI Technologies

Smartbreeder, a company utilizing generative artificial intelligence to enhance agricultural efficiency and sustainability, has received a $3 million investment from the EcoEnterprises Fund. This fund is known for backing enterprises that focus on environmental conservation, climate change adaptation, food security, and community development. Over the past two decades, EcoEnterprises Fund has invested in nearly 50 companies throughout the region.

The investment is aimed at bolstering Smartbreeder’s technological advancements, which are recognized for their potential to significantly improve the agricultural sector in Brazil. These technologies are designed to increase crop yields and promote sustainability. According to Éder Giglioti, CEO of Smartbreeder, the funding will help the company strengthen its position in the sugarcane and ethanol industries and extend its reach to other critical agricultural sectors in Brazil such as grains and fibers, with a focus on soybeans, corn, and cotton.

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Smartbreeder, which reported revenues of R$20 million in 2023, operates across more than 3 million hectares in six Brazilian states. The company’s strategies align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aiming to foster environmental and social benefits.

John McKenna, Managing Director of the EcoEnterprises Fund, highlighted the broader implications of Smartbreeder’s technology, suggesting that it could set new standards for agricultural practices worldwide, particularly in the context of climate change. He also noted the potential benefits of this technology for biodiversity monitoring in critical habitats.

To further enhance the capabilities within Brazil’s agricultural sector, Smartbreeder is developing a knowledge transfer training program in collaboration with Pecege. The program, entitled MBA and Consultant Certification AGROEXPERT 5.0: Science, Technology and Leadership in the Journey of Agribusiness 5.0, will be delivered in a hybrid format. It aims to provide comprehensive training in agronomy, technology, leadership, and project management in agriculture, reflecting the integrated approach needed for Agriculture 5.0.

The initiative addresses a gap identified by Smartbreeder over the years, as partners often struggled with the application and conceptual understanding of the technologies provided. This program is intended to equip professionals with the necessary skills to fully leverage the potential of Smartbreeder’s solutions.


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