Argentina’s Tracestory Secures $300,000 Pre-Seed Investment from Xperiment VC

The Córdoba-based startup Tracestory has secured a “pre-seed” investment of USD 300,000 from Xperiment Startup Studio & VC.

Tracestory’s mission is to create a more transparent world where consumers can know with certainty what they are consuming. The platform allows consumers to recognize the origins and transformations of products throughout the value chains. It structures and links information in a way that it cannot be altered, rewarding those who practice good business ethics and exposing those who use such claims as mere marketing tools. As solutions like Tracestory gain more traction, consumers will have greater control and security over their purchasing decisions.

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According to Tracestory co-founders Darío Baudino and Juan Manuel Oliva, this deal represents a key moment for both the company and their personal careers, marking a new beginning since the inception of their venture six years ago. Xperiment’s Juan Cabrera noted that Tracestory has validated its market potential through successful pilot programs and early customer acquisitions. With the support of Xperiment Ventures, Tracestory is poised to scale rapidly and target medium to large companies while exploring new markets.

This investment marks the first time Tracestory has opened its doors to external investors. The company has grown and self-financed through its client base of 20 customers within the country. Baudino emphasized that opening up 10% of the company to investors now validates their real value and sets the stage for future developments.


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