Argentina’s Aipha-G Recognized at 4YFN Awards 2024 in Barcelona

Aipha-G, a startup based in Córdoba, Argentina, has received international recognition at the 4YFN Awards 2024, marking a significant milestone in its journey within the fields of artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Supported by the Agency, Aipha-G aims to strengthen its presence in Argentina, particularly focusing on applications within the agro-industrial sector.

Being selected as one of the top 50 startups at 4YFN, an esteemed event affiliated with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, underscores Aipha-G’s growing reputation on a global scale. Initially backed by the Agency Córdoba Innovar y Emprender, the startup now sets its sights on expanding into European markets, leveraging its recent achievements. Sergio Cusmai, the founder of Aipha-G, highlights the importance of this recognition in providing opportunities for further growth and expansion.

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Cusmai elaborates on the company’s journey leading up to this accolade, citing participation in various European accelerators and competitions as pivotal moments. These experiences validated the market demand for Aipha-G’s solutions, which combine augmented reality with artificial intelligence to facilitate intuitive human-machine interactions.

In addition, Cusmai acknowledges the relatively unique positioning of Aipha-G within Argentina’s technology landscape. He notes that while XR technologies are not commonly applied in industrial contexts locally, the offline functionality of Aipha-G’s solutions presents a distinct advantage, particularly in a country with a strong industrial base like Argentina.


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