16 Start-Ups Leading the Charge for South American Agriculture Innovation at World Agri-Tech

The World Agri-Tech South America Summit in São Paulo on June 18-19 will showcase 16 home-grown and international early-stage agtech innovators solving the biggest pain points in South America’s agri-food system.

From fungicides for tropical crops and inoculated seeds designed for extreme environments, to dMRV platforms de-risking nature investments, and AI-powered outbreak forecasting, discover the technologies of tomorrow and the hotshots behind ready-to-scale solutions.

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Four early-stage entrepreneurs will pitch their solutions on stage in the Start-Up Showcase:

  • metaBIX Biotech (Uruguay) combines air sampling hardware with an AI-powered platform to provide accurately predict disease outbreaks caused by viruses and bacteria
  • Surefarming (Brazil) uses hyperspectral remote sensing to support crop yield improvement and loss mitigation.
  • Unibaio (Argentina) has developed crop input microparticles that improve active ingredients’ penetration for plant health.
  • Vexxel (Argentina) creates entirely biodegradable fungi-based biocapsules that preserve active ingredients for targeted chemical applications in agriculture.

After pitching, the start-ups will field questions by industry specialists keen to take a deeper dive into their offering, including Aysu Bilgin, Head of Global Strategy, Insights & New Ventures at BRF.

The summit offers the opportunity for potential collaborators and investors to meet the entrepreneurs face-to-face and learn about their innovations first hand in the Start-Up Exhibition. Delegates can book in 1-1 meetings to uncover the next big solution that could future-proof their business:

  • Sensix (Brazil) IoT platform gathers farm information flow with real-time fertility, crop, biomass, satellite imagery insights to generate recommendations that influence crop profitability.
  • Nutristrahl (Brazil) has developed lipid micelle encapsulation nanotechnology to accelerate crop ripening, reduce input costs and shorten molting time.
  • SpaceAg (Peru) software digitizes field evaluations, integrating farmers’ information for efficient decision-making on irrigation and fertilization.
  • VM Agritech (USA) has developed a broad-spectrum fungicide to combat pathogenic resistance, focusing mainly on tropical crops
  • Terradot (USA) MRV platform aims to accelerate permanent carbon removal for tropical farmland, combining ground truth sampling, Enhanced Rock Weathering and AI.
  • Calice (USA) has built a proprietary AI-based predictive software that accelerates the success rate and speed of new crop breeding varieties to market.
  • LandPrint (USA) presents a dMRV system to help de-risk investments in regenerative agriculture, and support supply chain transparency and certification schemes.
  • CroBio (UK) has crafted an enhanced microbe capable of improving plants’ water retention, carbon drawdown and nutrient uptake.
  • Elytron (Argentina) has developed a platform that combines biotech and cutting-edge technology to digitize the microorganism mapping process.
  • Nera (Argentina) enhances payments and financing for the purchase and sale of inputs and property on a one-stop platform connecting producers, suppliers and financial entities.
  • Effatha Technology (Brazil) utilizes extremely low frequencies to alter the inter-atomic space of atoms, affecting their properties for a range of applications including animal and crop health, such as to improve the rate of nutrient absorption and metabolization for plant productivity.
  • Nunatak (Argentina) platform identifies plant-microorganism associations to develop nature-based products such as inoculated seeds designed to thrive in extreme environments.

Cultivating agtech talent, regional accelerators and investors BASF AgroStart, The Yield Lab LATAM, SP Ventures and Cubo Agro will showcase cohorts from their portfolios through Innovation Spotlight sessions, with case studies and success stories around navigating the funding landscape and scaling operations.

They’ll be joined by even more start-ups seeking new connections and potential partners to scale their solutions at the World Agri-Tech South America Summit at the Hotel Unique, São Paulo, on June 18-19, mixing with its powerful audience of hundreds of senior strategic innovation leaders and decision-makers from agri-food corporates, government agencies, investors and tech providers.

Detailed start-up profiles are available at www.worldagritechsouthamerica.com/start-ups with full details of each company’s technology and specialized areas, plus funding rounds achieved to date.

Pre-summit networking launches on June 4 for delegates, speakers, start-ups and exhibitors to connect ahead of the summit and schedule meetings in their busy itineraries.

The full program, speakers and delegate registration (including special rates for farmers, government, academics, NGOs and start-ups) are available at www.worldagritechsouthamerica.com


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