Nurasa Opens Advanced Food Tech Innovation Centre in Singapore

Nurasa, a wholly owned company of Temasek specializing in sustainable nutrition development across Asia, has inaugurated its new Food Tech Innovation Centre (FTIC) in Singapore.

Located within Biopolis, Singapore’s innovation community, the 3,840 sqm FTIC houses cutting-edge laboratories equipped with advanced capabilities in precision fermentation (PF) and food processing. Notably, the PF lab features bioreactors capable of scaling production up to 100 litres, supported by collaborative efforts with partners like the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and ScaleUpBio.

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At the heart of the centre lies Nurasa’s NuFood Concept Studio, an open innovation platform fostering culinary creativity and consumer-centric food innovation. This platform addresses current industry trends, including low-sugar, cholesterol-free, and gut-friendly foods, focusing on enhancing flavor profiles. Collaborations between corporations and start-ups will aim to explore new ingredients, co-create recipes using advanced technologies, and develop accessible and affordable sustainable food solutions.

Designed to accelerate product commercialization, the FTIC features shared laboratories, collaborative workspaces, and adaptable private suites. These facilities support co-creation and innovation across the food value chain, facilitating partnerships with industry leaders and portfolio companies such as ScaleUp Bio and Cremer.

Guo Xiuling, CEO of Nurasa, emphasized the centre’s role in driving insight-driven product innovation. “Nurasa is committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology to challenge and improve the existing food system,” said Guo. “Our mission is to develop sustainable nutrition solutions alongside our partners, ensuring wellness is accessible and affordable for all.”


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