Nory Secures $16M in Series A Funding to Revolutionize the Restaurant Industry

Nory, an AI-driven software company, has announced the successful completion of a $16 million Series A funding round. The funding aims to advance the use of artificial intelligence within the hospitality sector, offering innovative solutions to longstanding industry challenges.

The hospitality industry has faced significant hurdles in recent years, including widespread closures and narrow profit margins, exacerbated by rising labor, food, and energy costs. Nory’s AI software addresses these issues by providing real-time insights and operational support to help businesses reduce costs and increase profitability.

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Nory’s platform acts as a comprehensive management tool for restaurants, centralizing operational data and offering actionable insights. This technology optimizes staffing levels, predicts demand, and manages inventory, enabling restaurants to make data-driven decisions. CEO and founder Conor Sheridan stated, “Nory is on a mission to help systemize success for the restaurant industry and to stack the odds in their favor.”

The new funding will be directed towards two primary goals: accelerating product development and expanding internationally. Nory’s technology currently analyzes historical data to predict venue demand with 95% accuracy, helping restaurants optimize staffing and reduce food waste. The company plans to enhance these capabilities further with the new investment.

Nory is already collaborating with hospitality businesses across Europe and North America, including Roasting Plant Coffee, Dr. Juice, and I am Döner. Bridie Fox, Head of Operations at I am Döner, emphasized Nory’s role in their growth and operational excellence.

The company has also demonstrated significant results, with users such as Buns From Home, Jamie Oliver Group, and Hartshorn-Hook reducing costs by nearly 20% and increasing EBITDA by over 50%. George Hartshorn, Food and Beverage Director, highlighted the value of Nory’s insights in guiding business growth.

Luca Bocchio, Partner at Accel, commented on Nory’s potential, noting the company’s ability to provide a central, real-time source of truth for restaurant operations. Bocchio praised Nory’s early traction and strong customer engagement, as well as Conor Sheridan’s deep industry knowledge.


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