NewMoo Introduces Plant-Based Casein Proteins for Cheese Production

NewMoo, a food-tech start-up, has entered the market with a novel approach to producing casein proteins using plant molecular farming (PMF). Casein proteins, which constitute approximately 80% of the proteins in dairy milk, are essential for creating authentic cheese. NewMoo’s innovative method offers a sustainable, animal-free alternative that maintains the traditional cheese experience.

Traditional cheese alternatives have often failed to replicate the sensory qualities and nutritional profile of dairy cheese, largely due to the absence of casein proteins. NewMoo addresses this gap by expressing casein proteins in plant seeds through conventional agricultural methods. These proteins match dairy caseins in nutrition, composition, and functionality, allowing for the production of genuine cheese without the use of animals. The proprietary technology developed by NewMoo is based on research from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. This technology enables the expression of multiple caseins within a single plant, which are then harvested and processed into a liquid casein base. This base is hormone-free, lactose-free, and cholesterol-free, yet it replicates the functional properties of dairy cheese.

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NewMoo’s co-founder and CEO, Daphna Miller, emphasizes the seamless integration of their liquid casein into existing cheese manufacturing processes. “Our animal-free liquid casein mimics all the functional traits of real milk protein, allowing it to replace dairy milk in any cheese manufacturing facility without the need for special equipment,” says Miller. The result is a cheese with traditional melting, stretching, aroma, flavor, and texture characteristics. The production process of NewMoo’s caseins is not only cost-effective but also environmentally sustainable. The plant-based method reduces reliance on industrial milk production and contributes to carbon sequestration through natural cultivation.

NewMoo’s team comprises experts from the dairy and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries. The leadership includes Hod Yanover, Vice President of Food Development, and Yulia Fridman-Timaner, Chief Science Officer, who bring decades of experience in food innovation and plant molecular science, respectively. Chairman Aviad Maizels and CEO Daphna Miller also bring significant expertise in business development and marketing. Founded in 2021, NewMoo has raised USD 7 million in seed funding from Lool and Zora ventures, enabling the development of their R&D process and the downstream production of liquid casein.

The demand for alternative dairy products is growing, driven by the flexitarian consumer demographic, which accounts for 42% of consumers worldwide, according to Euromonitor. The global cheese market, valued at USD 135 billion, is expected to reach USD 220 billion by 2028. NewMoo aims to capitalize on this trend by providing a viable, sustainable alternative that meets consumer expectations for taste and nutrition. NewMoo’s approach offers significant advantages over current precision fermentation practices, as it eliminates the need for expensive bioreactor machinery. Instead, plant seeds act as natural bioreactors, making the process scalable and cost-effective.

“Our goal is to assist dairy cheese manufacturers in broadening their market scope to include the flexitarian demographic,” asserts Yanover. “We empower cheesemakers to create nutritious, guilt-free products with ease and at no additional cost.” NewMoo’s innovative technology and experienced team position the company to play a significant role in the future of sustainable, animal-free dairy products.


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