Local Kitchens Secures $40M for Expansion of Multi-Brand Restaurant Hubs in Southern California

Local Kitchens, a California-based operator of multi-brand restaurant hubs, has secured $40 million in its Series B funding round aimed at expanding operations into Southern California. The funding initiative was spearheaded by existing investor General Catalyst, supported by additional contributions from Pear VC, Human Capital, and Stanley Tang.

Founded in 2020, Local Kitchens innovatively consolidates diverse local and regional restaurant offerings under one roof. Currently managing 12 locations across Sacramento and the Bay Area, each venue hosts around eight restaurant chains spanning various culinary genres. This setup allows customers to order from multiple menus in a single transaction, catering to both delivery and on-site dining preferences.

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The company distinguishes itself from traditional ghost kitchens by situating its hubs prominently in community hubs, facilitating convenient customer access. CEO Jon Goldsmith highlighted the company’s commitment to enhancing communal dining experiences while leveraging advanced technology to streamline operations. Local Kitchens has developed proprietary systems such as POS and Dynamic Firing to optimize cooking processes and synchronize orders across its multi-brand facilities.

Local Kitchens’ business model not only enhances operational efficiency but also supports partner brands like Proposition Chicken and Boba Guys in scaling their market presence. With notable success in its Series A round in 2021, the company has experienced substantial growth, positioning itself as a profitable venture at the unit level.


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