Ever After Foods Secures $10M to Boost Cultivated Meat Production

Ever After Foods, a subsidiary of biotech leader Pluri Inc., has announced a $10 million funding infusion aimed at accelerating its pioneering bioreactor platform for cultivated meat production.

Founded as a joint venture in 2022 by Israeli cellular agriculture company Pluri and Tnuva Group, Ever After Foods specializes in leveraging advanced bioreactor technology to cultivate meat products from beef, poultry, and now seafood cells. The latest funding round extends the company’s technological licensing rights, marking a strategic move to broaden its impact across diverse segments of the food market.

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“Our bioreactor platform has rapidly evolved since its inception, demonstrating remarkable advancements in producing muscle and fat tissues that replicate the taste and texture of traditional meat,” noted Eyal Rosenthal, CEO of Ever After Foods. “This funding not only validates our technology but also propels us towards broader adoption within the global food supply chain.”

Key to Ever After Foods’ technological edge is its ability to achieve a 90% reduction in production costs compared to competitors, while boosting protein yield sixfold and lipid production by a remarkable 700 times per cell. Such efficiencies not only enhance nutritional value but also significantly reduce environmental impact, with up to 93% less air pollution, 95% less land usage, and 94% less water consumption compared to conventional meat production methods.

The investment comes at a critical juncture for the cultivated meat industry, which faces substantial scalability challenges. “Scaling up manufacturing for startups like ours remains a significant hurdle,” commented Alla Voldman, VP of strategy and policy at the Good Food Institute Israel. “However, innovations like those from Ever After Foods promise to transform how we meet global food demands sustainably.”


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