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A few recommendations:

  • General interest
    Finding topics of general interest will be more valuable to the community, and more likely to be featured in our newsletter.
  • Thought leadership
    Write about something you know well; something your company does. You can republish something from your own blog as well.
  • Avoid advertising
    Try to avoid a direct sales approach. Instead, write about a topic that’s useful to others and do it from an expert’s point of view.
  • Upload an image
    Add a featured image (recommended: 1200 x 628 px) that will be used in the header and summary of your post. This will attract more readers.
  • Language
    Up to you! tribu targets innovators in Latin America and uses English to reach a wider audience, but feel free to write in Portuguese or Spanish as well.
  • Copy & Paste
    You will not be able to save your work on the form, so we recommend working on your article in a Word Doc, and then pasting it into the form once you’re ready to submit it.
  • More than one?
    We recommend publishing your articles over time, and not uploading all at once. This will increase the chances of being seen and being featured in a newsletter.