THRIVE Academy

Startup Opportunity

Deadline: 15/07/2024


THRIVE Academy is focused on supporting pre-seed stage startups in the agri-food tech sector.

The THRIVE Academy is a 12-week agri-food tech pre-accelerator program for idea stage entrepreneurs, early-stage startups and researchers looking to commercialize their innovations. Our immersive program will help you de-risk and validate your idea while preparing you to raise capital alongside building your go to market strategy. 

Who can apply?

We’re looking for promising founders with innovative ideas. Specifically we are looking for:

  • Pre-seed – Seed Stage agri-food tech companies
  • Researchers or university teams looking to commercialize a technology
  • Early stage innovators with ground breaking ideas for agri-food tech

Awards or Benefits

  • 12-week agri-food focused program for rapid and impactful results
  • Community building with a cohort of fellow entrepreneurs
  • Master business fundamentals & gain access to expert mentors
  • Showcase your startup to industry leaders & investors across THRIVE’s extensive global network

Main Organizers or Sponsors