Tastech by Sigma

Startup Opportunity

Deadline: 28/06/2024


Tastech by Sigma, a leading corporate startup program, is excited to announce the launch of it’s fifth edition. This year, we invite startups from around the world to participate in this unique opportunity to collaborate with us in shaping the future of the food industry in the following challenges:

  • New Business Models
  • Future Foods
  • Power Connections
  • Artificial Intelligence

Who can apply?

The program is aimed at entrepreneurs from around the world who have a startup that meets the following requirements:

  • Early stage startups
    • Seed startups with ideas developed into an MVP
    • Seed startups with the need to validate their MVP on a larger scale
    • Startups in the process of validating their business model
    • Have at least a small investment or grant from angel invertors, specialized funds or entrepreneurship hubs
  • Startups
    • 2 years or less of creation
    • It must be legally constituted in its country of origin and be in order with fiscal commitments
    • Have recurring sales
    • Have a cross-functional teams
    • Have own production capacity or well-established suppliers

Awards or Benefits

Startups participating in Tastech by Sigma can achieve the following benefits:

  • Entrepreneurs gain access to Sigma facilities from all over the world equipped with cutting-edge technology and resources necessary for the development of their pilot tests
  • Selected startups will receive financial support to conduct pilot tests to validate their technology within our supply chain.
  • Participants are provided with access to a diverse network of mentors, industry experts, corporate partners, and potential collaborators.
  • Tastech by Sigma provides entrepreneurs with access to potential investment opportunities from our corporate venture fund and other venture capitalists, angel investors, and funding sources.
  • Entrepreneurs benefit from continuous learning and skill development through workshops, seminars, and networking events organized by Tastech by Sigma.
  • Participation in the Tastech by Sigma program provides startups with increased visibility and credibility to potential customers, partners, and investors.
  • Through pilot tests and market validation opportunities facilitated by Tastech by Sigma, entrepreneurs can refine their products or services based on real-world feedback and insights.
  • The program offers tailored support and guidance to entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, from ideation to commercialization. This includes mentorship, coaching, workshops, and access to specialized resources designed to address the unique challenges faced by startups.
  • The accelerator fosters a vibrant entrepreneurial community where participants can collaborate, share experiences, and support one another.

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