28 May 2023


KM ZERO Venturing is an open innovation and investment program launched by KM ZERO Innovation Hub, which supports startups working on innovative projects aiming to improve the food value chain and make it more resilient. The program is designed to help startups scale quicker by working hand in hand with corporate partners and investment funds. 

We are looking for startups that are working to offer solutions to the challenges facing the industry, which we have specified in:

  1. New proteins

  2. Reduction of food waste

  3. Sustainable packaging

  4. Regenerative agriculture and soil health

  5. Reduction and compensation of emissions for the food industry

  6. Technologies that improve the efficiency of the food industry

  7. Novel food and drink products. Functional Foods.

  8. Ingredients that improve the nutritional profile, flavor, color, and protection of the food

  9. Technologies for the application and production of ingredients

10. Water management

11. Sales channels. Retail, hospitality, e-commerce, delivery and new models

12. Innovations in market intelligence and Marketing

Who can apply?

All startups that offer solutions for the food sector and work in one or more of the four verticals: sustainability, digitalization, health and wellness and digitalization (see CHALLENGES). In addition, the company must be legally constituted and have at least one Minimum Viable Product. You will find a more detailed description in the program’s terms and conditions.

Awards or Benefits

Mentoring: Experts by areas will advise the startup according to their needs and the milestones set with the corporations.

Industrial pilots: Startups will be able to develop proofs of concept or pilots with the corporates in the program. 

Networking: Access to KM ZERO SQUAD, a network of global leaders in food innovation and to investors, entities and other startups in the KM ZERO community. 

Visibility: Presence in KM ZERO initiatives such as ftalks Food Summit, Fooduristic and support in communication and press.

Strategic investment: Industry partners will be able to support projects not only through direct investment but also with infrastructure, networking, market access, etc.

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