Oobli and Grupo Bimbo Collaborate to Introduce Sweet Proteins in Baked Goods

Oobli, a prominent global sweet protein brand known for its healthy sugar alternatives, has entered into a formal agreement with Grupo Bimbo, the world’s leading bakery. This partnership aims to integrate sweet proteins as a novel method for sweetening baked goods, marking the first time Grupo Bimbo will test sweet proteins in various core product categories.

Sweet proteins are plant-derived proteins that are up to 5,000 times sweeter than sugar, allowing them to replace 70-90% of sugar in most food and beverage products. Sourced from fruits and berries found near the equator, sweet proteins are considered gut- and blood-sugar-friendly alternatives to traditional sugar. These proteins function similarly to dietary proteins, serving as large-molecule building blocks for the body.

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Sweet proteins present a sustainable, long-term alternative to cane sugar production, which often serves as a binding agent in baked goods. Oobli employs precision fermentation to replicate sweet proteins, a process that involves brewing them similarly to beer or cheese production. This method offers an environmentally friendly solution, with a one percent reduction in sugar production potentially saving 525,000 net acres of land.

Constantino Matouk, VP Global Bimbo Ventures at Grupo Bimbo, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating that Oobli sweet proteins are a perfect fit for consumers seeking to include more proteins in their diet. Ali Wing, CEO of Oobli, highlighted the potential impact of sweet proteins, noting their ability to revolutionize sweetness and enhance foods with healthy sweetness without altering existing flavor profiles. This strategic partnership is seen as a major step forward in globalizing sweet proteins as the leading sweetness alternative.

In 2023, Oobli launched Oobli Sweet Iced Teas, the first and only drink on the market to offer low-sugar content without artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose, sugar alcohols like erythritol, or Stevia. Additionally, Oobli has recently introduced a new line of chocolates made with sweet proteins. Grupo Bimbo, the largest baking company in the world and a significant participant in the snack industry, operates 217 bakeries and over 1,500 sales centers in 34 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The company produces over 9,000 products and has one of the largest direct distribution networks globally, with more than 57,000 routes and over 148,000 associates.


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