A network for food INNOVATORS

tribu is a thematic social network for entrepreneurs, scientists, developers, executives and other innovators in the Latin American food industry.

A home for all innovation ecosystem


Young companies with tech-enabled solutions (e.g. digital, bio, and/or hardware) and scalable business models that are solving problems anywhere along the agri-food industry’s value chain.

Risk Capital​

All providers of risk capital that are financing innovation in this space: incubators, accelerators, angel investors, venture capital firms, corporate investors, private equity firms, lenders and others.

Corporates & SMEs

Established companies of all sizes working anywhere along the agri-food industry’s value chain, including farmers and growers, processors, traders, food companies, distributors, retailers, restaurants and more.  


Institutions that are involved in higher education and research, including: universities, colleges, research institutes, think tanks, academic societies or associations, research archives and journals.


Local, regional and national government agencies working closely with innovation or the agri-food industry, or both. It can also include international organizations governed or comprised by states.

A GLOBAL network centered around LATAM's agri-food industry

It is estimated that 25% of global agricultural & fisheries exports will come from Latin America by 2028. This means a 22% growth in crop and 16% in livestock production in the next few years.

The region holds a privileged position to foster innovative local entrepreneurship and attract top global talent to serve its prominent agricultural and fisheries export industry and its growing internal market of +650 million people.

LatAm is investing heavily in innovation efforts which will be vital in order to raise productivity, meet local demand and maintain export competitiveness. tribu looks to help connect innovators with local, regional and international stakeholders.